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Trevor Dunbar
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(856) 669-7273

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Trevor Made
$60k In 60 Days*Watch%20THIS%20(1)*png?alt=media&token=0147261e-b4ad-490b-9ddf-a8358c7cdae0

Genevieve Had $1,000 Deposits Per Day Her First Year*316DBBE3-4DFC-42D7-9FAF-DA3B8BFA7AD5*jpeg?alt=media&token=f2bcef78-0109-40f6-a9b8-165cf9573b0b

6 Reasons Why You Belong Here:

1. HIGHEST COMPENSATION: Highest compensation in the industry. Starting 100%, and ability to earn up to 145%. PLUS Bonuses on top of that.
2. TOP TRAINING: Best Training in the industry from active top producers teaching what is making them so successful. We will help you become the smartest agent in the field.
3. FRESH LEADS: Direct Mail Mortgage, Internet, Final Expense, Medicare, and Annuity leads
4. NO FEES: No costs for Training. No costs for your back office. No costs for training events or the Annual Convention. Plus Free license training for new agents. 
5. VESTED RENEWALS: Fully Vested Renewals From Day One and we do not make you sign a contract.

6. PERSONAL MENTORING & COACHING: You’ll get leadership and support from Genevieve Okoro and Trevor Dunbar to launch fast and achieve your personal goals.

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